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This Bonsai tree will bring you joy for many years... as he has for many years so far! The bonsai you'll get for yourself or your recipient is about 5-10 years old, and has been trimmed and trained and shaped into a fun natural tree shape. It comes in a ceramic container in assorted colors - greens, browns, tans, creams, blacks - typically. We can't promise container color.

How to take care of Juniper Bonsai trees in Colorado - 

  • Light - The Bonsai likes bright, filtered light. It tends to prefer a few hours of good sun per day, but not scorch in a window that gets bright light all day long. 
  • Watering - The bonsai likes a soak approx once a week or so, depending on your space's humidity. You're going to want to touch the soil, and see if it's damp. The container has drainage, and you'll want to top water 2-3 times as the water soaks the soil. It will run through the drainage in the container.  Then let it drain, and don't water again until it's mostly dry (though not desiccated). 
  • Pruning, dried leaves, etc- You can gently prune the Bonsai to shape it. It is not recommended to prune it until it's been in your space in one place for at least 3 months. They like to be settled and established before you prune them. We recommend THESE Bonsai pruning shears for sharp, accurate snips with this bonsai as well as other plants! We also LOVE these pruning tweezers for accurate picking out of the sharper juniper bits that you'll need to remove over time. Your Bonsai may potentially lose leaves when it first arrives, don't be concerned about it! It will grow new growth once it is happy and safe.