Office and Commercial Plant Designs - Increase productivity and employee happiness - add PLANTS!

Denver Plant Delivery does office plants differently. We are designers and plant lovers with a mission: to bring the beauty of nature indoors to create more comfortable, attractive, and productive places to live and work.

Our design team can come out and help with your office space plantscaping. We come to your space and measure, check lighting, talk to you about your watering habits and needs (we also offer maintenance plans so you never have to water again!)... and we help design your plant kingdom with new and existing plant friends. If you're dying for your new office to look like it just came from a magazine - and impress clients and keep employees happy - we can make that happen.

Whether your space is a modern downtown or DTC office building with views of the mountains, or a cute Park Hill or Highlands Victorian - We've got you covered. Unlike some local plantscape companies, we don't discriminate and only take the big jobs - We can help with small offices as well as large ones. 

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We help with: 

  • Checking existing plants for pests, health, and happiness. We make sure they are getting the right light, and that they don't have any issues. 
  • Advice on location for existing and new plants. 
  • Design and procurement of custom or pre-fabricated structures (plant stands, planters, hangers, etc) for your plants. Our design and fabrication team can design any custom plant hangers, stands, etc for you. 
  • Procurement and delivery of all plants for your space, complete with care instructions. 
  • We also have high-end and affordable interior design resources for accessories, rugs, and furnishings. 
  • We can assist with color consultation - our designers have experience with color psychology and therapy, and we can help you de-stress and up-productivity with organization, color, and PLANTS!  
  • 2 weeks of included plant watering (once a week for 2 weeks)
  • For a complementary customized initial quote, please reach out! We are happy to help. (720) 663-7098 or
  • Consultations start at just $99!

Many studies have show the benefits of happy plant friends in your workspace or office environment. From employee productivity to workplace satisfaction and improved air quality, incorporating plants into office interior design has been shown to lift the mood, reduce stress, and improve overall health resulting in less absenteeism.

Interior plants are not only a trend, but they are a long-term style that is classic and perennially appreciated by not just your team, but also your clients.  We are interior designers first, plantscapers second. We see your whole space, and build our plant plans around your design, brand, and aesthetic. 

Our goal is to make plant care easy through thoughtful plant choice, proper lighting assessment, and using the very latest in horticultural technology.

From conference room accents to large-scale living walls, Denver Plant Delivery can help make your office space a healthier and more productive work place. We also maintain the plants, so you don't have to worry about them. 

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