Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Returns, Exchanges, Refunds Policy

1. Contact us on our contact us page. Explain the issue and send photos to us asap.

2. If the plant has an issue in the first 30 days, and has been cared for *ahem*, we will exchange it or refund it. If we offer an exchange, we try to ship ASAP, and that usually means within 48 hours. If we offer a refund, we refund within 48 hours.

3. No, you can't order plants, try them on in your space, and then return them. They're not shoes. We LOVE our customers, but we are NOT Zappos. We're sorry we had to write this. You can make up your own story about why we had to. In this case there may be a restocking fee.

4. If you're not that person above, and you really have an issue, we truly are sorry, and we'll chat with you to get it resolved. :)