In Home Plant Designs - We help you build your own Urban Jungle!

Our design team can come out and help with your in-home plantscaping. We come to your space and measure, check lighting, talk to you about your watering habits and needs (we also offer maintenance plans so you never have to water again!)... and we help design your plant kingdom with new and existing plant friends. If you're dying for your new home office to look like it just came from a magazine - we can make that happen.

If you want your urban jungle to happen in your living space? We've got you. Check out Apartment Therapy with this KILLER office plant setup. We can make this look happen - imagine how productive you'd be in this space! 

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We help with: 

  • Checking existing plants for pests, health, and happiness. We make sure they are getting the right light, and that they don't have any issues. 
  • Advice on location for existing and new plants. 
  • Design and procurement of custom or pre-fabricated structures (plant stands, hangers, etc) for your plants. Our design team can design any custom plant hangers, stands, etc for you. 
  • Procurement and delivery of all plants for your space, complete with care instructions. 
  • We also have high-end and affordable interior design resources for accessories, rugs, and furnishings. 
  • We can assist with color consultation - our designers have experience with color psychology and therapy, and we can help you de-stress and up-productivity with organization, color, and PLANTS!  
  • 2 weeks of included plant watering (once a week for 2 weeks)
  • For a complementary customized initial quote, please reach out! We are happy to help. (720) 663-7098 or
  • Consultations start at just $99!
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