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Orchids have a reputation for being difficult to care for, but they're actually really easy! As long as you understand what they love and what they hate - you'll do just fine as an orchid parent! Angelina is no different. Here's how to care for her - 

  • Orchids grow on trees - they're epiphytes - rather than in soil. This means when you repot them, they should have an awesome mixture that makes sense for their root system. Make sure you use an orchid bark if you repot Angelina. 
  • Watering - She likes to be misted regularly, as in nature, she lives in humid environments. She likes to have water run over her roots, and then drained off. If her pot has drainage, run her in the sink once a week until her roots are wet, and then let her drain out. 
  • Lighting - Orchids love sunny but filtered windows. South-facing is their favorite - as they like a little bit of the spotlight. 

We pot out Angelina in a different container each time - sometimes wood, sometimes clear, sometimes white. We have hand-made ceramics, hand carved bowls, and lots of gorgeous design elements. We make each orchid into an artistic piece. 

The Double Spike Double plant is a stunning plant in a gorgeous container. We do each one custom to order, so you can request specific types of containers, styles, colors, etc