denver srting of hearts
string of hearts plant
string of hearts hoya plant
hanging macrame for string of hearts
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You guys, not only is cupid a great addition to a collection of "string of" plants, but he's a fabulous gift as well. He's a Ceropegia Woodii - or String of Hearts! He is in the hoya family. He has plump little succulent leaves with silvery veins on dark green leaves. His little legs grow long and relatively quickly. You're going to want to put him on a shelf so he can dangle, or hang him in one of our macramé or cord plant hangers from the ceiling. 

The 4" plant is a relatively juvenile plant, with lots of strings, but none that are terribly long. 

The 6" plant is more mature, typically having longer legs. It is not always available. 

Light: Loves bright indirect or dappled light
• Water: Allow to dry completely out.
• Considerations: String of Hearts is semi-succulent and can tolerate periods of drought