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Choose this option and our designers will deliver you or your recipient a mix of plants that look awesome together in designer's choice pots! Your options are below! If you have special light or space needs - let us know in the notes or shoot us an email with your order!

OPTION 1 - two 4" plants, one 6" plant - We'll select three gorgeous plants that look great together, and help you create your indoor jungle (or make a friend's day!!). 

OPTION 2 - Two 4" plants, one 6" plant and one 8" much larger plant like a Monstera or Fiddle leaf fig ficus! This option is awesome as a gift for a housewarming, or as an awesome anniversary or birthday gift for someone who loves plants! 

OPTION 3 - Two 6" plants, Two 4" plants, and a globe terrarium! This is an awesome selection. The globe terrariums have succulents or ferns or foliage... and they're cute tiny worlds! 

OPTION 4 - INDOOR JUNGLE! We'll deliver a mix of plants - Our designers will choose some interesting, some uncommon, and some fun and funky! This is perfect for the true plant enthusiast. We'll email you after your order to check on your spaces, and see what might be the best fit! This could be trees, hanging plants, shelf or desk plants, rare varieties, airplants in hangers, terrariums, etc.