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hanging plant delivery and installation Denver
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Louis is just about the easiest plant you could possibly home for. He does well in either bright light or almost no light in an office building. He likes to be watered semi-regularly, but is not bratty about it if you forget him. He is a Golden Pothos, and will grow long, trailing viney legs if you let him (or you can either let him climb the ropes, or you can trim his legs off when they're too long for you! He comes in a grey terracotta rounded pot that doesn't leak. 

This plant hanger is made by Denver Plant Delivery. It is made with a simple, clean line, and has wooden beads in the trailing cords. It fits a 6" pot perfectly! The strands are roughly 36-40" long (but it's handmade, so it could be a little longer/shorter) - and we can actually customize it if you need a certain length. Just ask! It has a wooden ring at the top for hanging.