aglaonema maria denver plant delivery
aglaonema maria denver plant delivery
aglaonema maria denver plant delivery
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Maria is a gorgeous aglaonema! She has camo-print leaves, and is an awesome gift, as she's pretty easy to care for. She is often called a camo Chinese Evergreen. She's native to the forest floors of Asia, and therefore likes indirect filtered light - and can do well in medium to low light conditions. She will likely lose a couple of leaves after she is transplanted or moved, and this is normal.

Watering - let her soil dry out between waterings. Poke your finger down the side of the pot - the top two inches should be dry before re-watering. Never let her sit overly soggy or swampy. Water a little at a time so you don't over-water. She can be prone to root-rot. You'll want to rotate her, as she's prone to turning her leaves to the light source.  She'll show you if she's thirsty! Her leaves will droop a bit. When you water, it will pop back up! 

Light - She likes to be in a filtered light setting, never right up against a hot window. A few feet from a window is great - and she can even be perfectly happy with a small desk grow light in a windowless office. (HERE is a link to our favorite grow light!)