calathea roseopicta
calathea roseopicta
calathea roseopicta
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Rosey is a gorgeous calathea variety, with a silver rim around gorgeous dark green leaf, and hints of lovely pink rimming in the silver ring. She's a bit fussy, but not too terrible (not as bad as the white fusion, ha!). Check out our Misters - they're an awesome to any calathea plant family! MISTERS & WATERING ACCESSORIES. You should only gift this one to someone who has a green thumb and loves challenging plants. If you know they have other calathea - that makes Rosey an awesome choice! 

Watering - Rosey likes to be in a relatively high humidity environment (which is why we recommend the mister! :) ) - and likes to stay damp. She prefers filtered or distilled water, to prevent crispy edges. 

Light - She likes medium to bright filtered light.