aloe aristata, delivery aloe plant denver
aloe aristata, delivery aloe plant denver
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Scarlet is an Aloe - but not the "I sunburned myself, help" kind of Aloe. Lace Aloe is another name for her pretty self. She's a decorative aloe, with pretty white-speckled skin, almost fuzzy spiky leaves, and fun slightly curled tips. She's an EASY plant to care for, and she'll be a great addition to your collection. She's quite a bit more rare than traditional aloe plants. She's also very compact and great for small spaces. She won't sprawl all over your work from home space. GREAT gift for administrative professionals, personal assistants, and employees of the months! She blooms pink, and makes pretty baby "pup" rosettes. 

• Light: Prefers brighter light, but tolerates indirect light. She'll bloom in bright light! 
• Water: Drought tolerant; allow soil to dry completely between water. Never let her sit in water. 
• Considerations: Use a well-draining soil, and select a planter with drainage - never let her sit in a mud puddle!