Quick read - How to care for ferns in dry climates like Colorado!

Ferns Plant Care

So we wanted to share this quick read with you because we get a ton of questions in out plant store - The Plant Gallery (www.coloradoplantgallery.com) - and online about how to properly care for ferns in low humidity places like Colorado. 

Anytime you think about plant care for indoor plants, remember that they are outdoor plants... somewhere! Find out as much as you can about their natural habitat, and try to recreate that environment. 

Ok, so on to ferns! 

Ferns, in their natural habitat, live on forest floors under tree canopies, near streams or in very humid, marshy ground. They live on or in moss, or rotting trees/leaves/branches often, rather than hard, compact soils. 

When caring for ferns in Colorado - Keep them in an area with indirect light (think tree canopy overhead!). Make sure you keep their soil moist, and mist them as often as possible. They love bathrooms, as well as kitchens. Both of those spaces tend to have a lot of ambient humidity (dishwashing, showering!), and you visit them often... so you'll remember your fern. 

For VERY delicate textured ferns, especially maidenhair fern, they may need even more humidity. If you don't have a greenhouse for them to live in, you can recreate that environment with something like a terrarium jar! Check out the button fern in this jar that we carry! Clive in a Jar is what we call him, but we can also do a maidenhair in this. 

how to care for ferns in coloradofern care in dry climate

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