PLANT DELIVERY DENVER - Why a plant is better than cut flowers!

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Think of all the reasons you would send flowers to someone - 

  • birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • sympathy
  • support and success
  • lovey dovey stuff :)
  • date night
  • valentines day
  • mother's day
  • even father's day (dads love plants too!)
  • thanksgiving (think centerpieces!)
  • Other Holidays - Thins Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, etc! :) 

Plants are so much better (in our *ahem* completely unbiased opinions!) than cut flowers! They last, and don't die in a week, so your recipient keeps seeing their reminder of how much you love them! They won't wilt and die like cut flowers - they live on past the holiday or occasion to bring happiness every time your person walks into the room. 

Here are some reasons to send a plant instead of sending cut flowers! 

  • Plants clean the air! Your plant will help clean the air (see air-purifying plants HERE). They add oxygen to your spaces, and make your lungs happy! 
  • Plants are GREAT for your mental health! They promote mindfulness, grounding you into the now, rather than worrying about the past or future. 
  • Plants are great companions! Not only can you talk to them, but they LOVE it! They can help with loneliness, sadness, and stress. 
  • They show you the importance of the little things, and help you slow down a little. Taking 5 minutes to care for a plant brings you back to the little details - and takes the stress of the big-picture away, if just for a moment. 
  • Um, they're pretty. Like - REALLY pretty. :) 
  • There's something about nature that calms us all.. plants indoors remind us that we're all a part of this awesome world, and that even if we don't feel connected to it all the time (like if you have to work all day inside!) - we're still a part of it. Our awesome Work From Home (WFH) plants are great for home offices and even office cubicles! 


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