Your Guide to Monstera Plants!

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Monstera plants have become one of the most popular plants to own, partially because they're so darn cool looking, partially be cause many of them are very easy to care for. We've decided you need a little run-down so you know what you're looking at! 

Part of Araceae, the aroid family, they are one of the few aroids that, in their natural environment, produces edible fruit, particularly, Monstera deliciosa.  Monsteras, like many aroids, were made known formally to the botanical world during the early 20th century, although they had been known for much longer by the indigenous peoples of Central America.

Eleanor - Monstera Deliciosa #53785A

The Monstera Deliciosa is the most commonly found variety of Monstera in houseplants. Deliciosa actually is known as the Mexican Breadfruit because of the yummy fruits that it produces in the wild. It doesn't really ever produce flowers or fruits in a home-setting, however. It can be purchased in small, juvenile plants, as well as more stablished, adult plants. The mature version of this plant have fenestrated, or split leaves. The juvenile form has younger, not split leaves. Eleanor - our name for this monstera - loves bright to medium indirect light. She is not well suited for intense, direct sun but if you have a really hot, sunny window, she can be slowly acclimated to withstand it. She likes humidity, but likes her soil to dry out between waterings. She never likes to have soggy soil. 

monstera deliciosa denver

Levi - Monstera Adansonii 

The Swiss cheese plant, Monstera adansonii, gets its name from its beautifully fenestrated 'holey' leaves. It's our most popular plant to send as a gift, as it's easy to care for and really trendy. The holes in the leaves make the plant resemble Swiss Cheese. Levi - our name for the Swiss cheese plant - is a tropical plant native to Central and South American that is often grown as a houseplant. Levi is very easy to grow. It loves to climb, but can also be grown as a hanging plant. If you want him to climb- provide a stake, moss stick, or trellis that he can grow up! We have lots of options in our accessories collection. He likes similar care to the Deliciosa - he loves bright to medium indirect light. Though he is not well suited for intense, direct sun but if you have a really hot, sunny window, he can be slowly acclimated to withstand it. He loves humidity, but likes his soil to dry out between waterings. He never likes to have soggy soil. 

monstera adansonii

Chico- Monstera Minima - Rhapidophora Tetrasperma

Chico is a Rhapidophora tetrasperma, but it is usually called mini Monstera or Monstera minima. He is therefore not really a Monstera, but part of the Aracaea family, just like the Rhapidophora. Chico originates in Thailand and Malaysia. He is a relatively rare version of the split-leaf family - which includes awesome plants such as Eleanor and Levi.  

monstera minima denver plant delivery

Want to know more about more rare Aroids and other monstera - including the Monstera Obliqua? Head over to our next post! 

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