Favorite Corners - Plants make them better!

Everyone has favorite corners of their home - and plants make them better. We can help you make your favorite tea-sipping, wine-drinking, book-reading, zen-inducing space - even better. Check out our plants that purify air, are pet-safe and even work in low light settings!

 sansevaria plant delivery snake plant denver

  • Stanley - The awesome Philodendron Brasil - is a low-light, very easy care (read- almost unkillable!) plant that brings fresh O2 to your favorite corner. He is easy-going, and loves to pop out new leaves on his leggy stems. 
  • Bonnie - Is an abnormal version of the very prevalent spider plant. She has CURLY leaves, and loves to pop out baby spider plants. She'll make you small versions of herself to keep and propagate, let grow long and leggy, or give away!  
  • Emma - is a Sansevaria Birdsnest - a little rare as well. She's a short version of the very common mother in law's tongue or snake plant you see all over. She's a great end-table plant, office plant, or desk plant. 

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