Use Plants in your work from home space! #WFH

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Indoor plants make any space better. You've heard us say it before! Plants are proven to improve mood, productivity, and aesthetics.  If you’re looking to improve your work-from-home set up, think about adding a bit of foliage to the areas you spend your time in. Our designers have given us a few tips on how to get creative with your new leafy co-workers!

  1. Group a few leafy friends together! 

    You'll get more impact out of your plants if you group them. Find a corner that needs a pop, and add a large plant with a few smaller ones on plant stands, small tables or consoles. 

  2. Get a big chonker! Find a plant you love that makes a statement. 

    You should find a corner that needs a bit of excitement - and go for a plant with some height. Make sure it has a big ole pot, and has support if it needs it. Climbing plants can use moss poles, or you can stake them if they need it. Ficus trees, including Fiddle Leaf Ficus or Fig plants are AWESOME modern (and very popular) options, and the ever-loved monstera can grow huge as well! 

  3. Use Plant Cuttings - Make a Propagation station! 

    If you don't have a lot of space for a plant, take a cutting from one of your larger plants (like a Pothos, spider plant, etc). Place it in a little vase, bottle, or jar, and it will root for you! You can always plant it as it gets bigger, and add another cutting to the area. 

  4. Choose The Perfect Desk Plant

    Desk plants seem like they'd be simple to choose.. and they are but there are some important things to think about when you're choosing one! First - make sure it's a plant that will bring you tons of joy. It will be in front of you all the time, you have to love her! Don't get one that's too big or too small. Make sure it's impactful enough, but also choose one that doesn't overtake your workspace. 

  5. Windows, ceilings and walls - Hanging plants are awesome! 

    You should use hanging plants in your home wherever you can! They are a great way to have plants in the space without using up surface area, ruining your wood surfaces, or being in the way in a small space! We have a great collection of hanging plants, as well as plant hanging accessories! These are also a great gift - most people have a window that could use a hanging plant. 

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