How to manage plants in a small living space

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Decorating a small space can be difficult - we can help.

We all have been in a room that is a challenge to decorate. Small spaces mean fewer options for decor - and every inch counts when it comes to small spaces. Many city-dwelling plant lovers are stuck with small spaces, and luckily we have some solutions. 

Luckily there are loads of resources to navigate decorating a small living room (thanks, Pinterest!), and just because you have limited space does not mean you can’t enjoy the beauty and benefits of indoor plants! Here are our designers' ideas for plants that work well in tighter quarters.

Go for height

And avoid sprawling plants, especially if you are looking at floor plants or tall ones. Keep in mind, plants will grow - so don't start with a plant that already completely fills the area you want it in.  There are lots of plants - like Snake Plant or Sansevaria, that grow up, not out. They stay relatively confined to the width of their pot and don't take up too much floor or surface area. 

tall snake plant deliver denver

Create Groupings

Do you love all those jungly pics on Pinterest and IG, but you're worried you don't have the room for it? Plant clusters and groupings can really give you the jungle feel without taking over a small room. This can be done from the ceiling with hanging plants, or on the floor if you prefer! You can use little accent tables or plant stands to gain height and varied textures and colors. This can have a big impact without making your space feel cluttered or claustrophobic. You can start with a tall and thin plant, and then layer with a plant stand, something hanging, and something bushier. 

Design Tip: Try for odd-number groupings, 3 or 5... Your eyes are drawn more to odd numbers and triangles than even square numbers! 

Make use of trailing leaves and leggy plants

If you’re decorating a smaller space, you've probably been looking at various shelving. Make space on your shelves for a trailing plant like a Pothos or Stanley - the Philodendron Brasil - They will grow legs and either drape off of your shelf, or you can create a trail of philodendron tentacles on your wall! You can place the growing vines around different areas of the shelf, or simply let it drape down from the shelf or a hanging planter.

Design Tip: Use pins to hold up plant legs without damaging the wall! pothos ivy plant delivery denver wall design


Still need design help? Reach out! Our designer can help you to find just the right plants for your small space, light situation, and watering habits! is the best email to catch her! 

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