How to take care of airplants in Colorado's dry climate

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Air plants - or tillandsia - are plants that, in their native environments, live on the bark of trees in tropical climates. Plants like tillandsia are called epiphytic - which means they grow on the surfaces of other plants without harming them. They don't depend on the trees for food - they collect nutrients and water from humidity and rainfall. An Epiphyte lives on the surface of the tree, and needs no soil. There is a myth that airplants just live on air, but that's certainly not the case - they need humidity and moisture! 

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Colorado has a very arid, dry climate. It's important to keep humidity high for your tillandsia. Often you'll read about soaking them for several hours. We don't recommend that you soak airplants, as it's not how they receive water in their natural habitat. They love to be misted regularly, and we recommend running them under a running sink for a few seconds a couple of times a week. 

Airplants are used to living on trees, under the canopy. They like filtered light, nothing direct. We have a great selection of airplants in stock regularly, and we are happy to chat through the different types, varieties, and air plant hangers, containers and stands. You can reach out by 720.255.2653, phone, or email us at

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