Everyone's favorite houseplant - The Pothos (see below for better taxonomy!!)

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Here we will discuss the different varieties of Epipremnum aureum or 'Pothos'. This will not include varieties of scindapsus pictus - Those will be discussed HERE. Please know that "pothos" used in this article is the common name of plants in the Epipremnum aureum species. Looking a little deeper, you'll find that pothos is actually a completely different genera of plant - but for ease of communication, we'll use the common name throughout this article. 

Epipremnum is a genus of plants in the Araceae (or Aroid) family. It includes the aureum species and all varieties and clones including the most popular golden and marble queen, and the rarer N'joy, Glacier, and Manjula. These are what we'll discuss here! We'll try to make it fun, but educational (as the two seem to be mutually exclusive in the market :) ). Some of these will note a VKC registration date - this is the date which the VKC decided that the distinctness of particular cultivar was enough to distinguish it. Some of these varieties are easily available, and some very difficult to find regularly. 

Epipremnum aureum - "Golden Pothos" - This plant, arguably, is the most popular and easy-care plant that is commercially available. It was registered with VKC in 1988. It has green leaves with golden variegation.  It is blindingly easy to propagate, and a stick of it in water will soon produce leaves and roots. If you pay good money for these, you're paying for a high-quality, high stem count like we sell in Felix. He is a very high-quality, full pot of awesome, easy care plant. He's an EXCELLENT gift. 

Epipremnum aureum - "Marble Queen Pothos" - The Marble Queen is the second most popular variety of Pothos available. It was registered with VKC in 1990. It is almost identical in shape and structure to the golden, but has white instead of golden variegation. Also a great gift - Slick is our Marble Queen.  

Epipremnum aureum - Pothos - Neon  - The Neon Pothos is characterized by its acid green leaves and no other markings or variegation. 

neon pothos

Epipremnum aureum - Jade Pothos - This very simple, very green variety of pothos is very common. Easy care, Easy light... Easy plant! :) 

jade pothos denver

Epipremnum aureum - Pothos - N'Joy - The N'Joy has striking leaf variegation - darker sagey green with distinct white markings. It typically has stark contrast between the green and white - and distinct lines. Unlike Marble Queen and Pearls N Jade, the N'Joy is devoid of speckling in the white. The young leaves can be creamier, or even light green, but as they age, they turn whiter. This can be light-related as well. Barb is our N'Joy

pothos njoy, denver plant delivery

Epipremnum aureum - Pothos Pearls N Jade- (Patented by the university of Florida) is a hybrid of Pothos Marble Queen and Pothos Jade (solid green leaves). It looks like you took N'Joy and speckled the white bits. It is a very compact leaf-shape and plant, and doesn't go wild growing legs until it's quite mature.  

pothos pearls n Jade

Epipremnum aureum - Pothos Manjula - Also patented by the University of Florida... has white leaves with a green center, and there's not usually a clean line between the variegation (the variegation zones tend to blend shades of green, silver, white, and cream). it also has a larger leaf that has somewhat undulating edges, so it doesn't like to lay flat. 

 pothos manjula


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