SCINDAPSUS PICTUS - Exotica, Silvery Ann, or Argyraeus? Help me identify my silver satin!

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Silver satin pothos, silver philodendron, Help me identify my plant! :) 

Scindapsus Pictus is a commonly mis-identified group of plants. Here's a run-down of the varieties that are commercially readily available. They're often called silver pothos, even though they're not pothos at all, nor are they philodendron. They're all botanically filed under Scindapsus Pictus. 

They both like moderate light, and like to dry out between waterings. If you under water them, the leaves will curl a bit, but then they'll straighten back out when they feel like they've gotten enough water. 

They both are easy to propagate, and will root in water or soil. 

Scindapsus Pictus 'Argyraeus' - most commonly called satin pothos. This variety has speckled leaves, with typically less variegation than green. A great specimen is pictured here. We call him 'Westley' and you can visit him online - HERE

 silver satin pothos


Scindapsus Pictus 'Exotica' - We see this variety pretty often as well, and it has gorgeous variegation on its leaves. It has way more silver on it than the Argyraeus variety. It usually has slightly larger leaves with more variegation. We call her 'Lola'. 

silver satin pothos denver delivery

Either way - both of these varieties are SUPER easy to care for, and love moderate light (so they don't need a harsh southern window to thrive!). 


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