Spider Mites, OH NOOOOO!

neem pests plant problems

You spy little webbing, and teensy bugs on your plant and, of course, PANIC. No panicking! It's not the end of the world, though it's important to catch it EARLY and treat it ASAP. 


Pull plant out of its pot, and rinse leaves, as well as roots under tap water. You're rinsing away bugs, webs, as well as hopefully larvae that will be in the soil. You also need to wash, and bleach the pot. Once that dries out, you can repot it in good soil. We use Fertilome soil in-house, and you can buy bags of it from us as desired. 

Step 2: NEEM!

Once you rinse your plant, neem her! Neem is a natural pesticide that is not harmful to humans, pets, or BEES! We sell Neem  and can deliver, ship, or you can pickup in Centennial!


Step 3 - EYES OPEN! 

Keep your eyes on the plant for the next moth or two, and repeat neem as necessary if you see any pesties. 

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