Learn how to care for tillandsia airplants!

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Tillandsia plants are in the bromeliad family. They are epiphytic plants, or plants that grow on bark of trees, rather than in soil as a substrate. They collect nutrients from air, water, and the decaying material on the bark of the trees. They are not parasitic. As with most plants, the best way to keep them happy in your home is to replicate their native environments. These guys like filtered light... imagine them living under the canopy of a tree. They like lots of humidity, but not puddles of water. They get rained on regularly, but the water runs off of them. All of them bloom in come capacity, and they can be tiny - millimeters long - or HUGE - literally several feet! We carry lots of species - some as small as a few centimeters, some as large as 18-24" long. We can order lots of varieties, as well as rare airplants. 

They reproduce by producing pups - new plants from the sides of the base plant. 

We carry a large selection in our store at 8200 S Quebec St in Centennial - Just call or email if you're interested in having some delivered! 




Light - Tillandsias like indirect light - never put them in direct sun! 

Watering - They love to be misted. In Colorado - you could literally mist them 5 times a day and they'd love you for it. The minimum misting we recommend on a regular basis is 2-3 times a week. You can also run them under the sink - but never, ever soak them in water. They love to be watered, but never want to soak! 

Feeding - They love Orchid food, diluted to 50% of what you'd feed to orchids. Feed monthly. 

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