Monstera Adansonii - The EASY and super popular monstera option

monstera Plant Care

Levi is an awesome Monstera adansonii- also known as a Swiss Cheese Plant. He comes in several  sizes. You can get him from a young 4.5" to a large floor plant - 2'-3' tall totem pole! 

As he ages, the leaves become covered with holes that resemble Swiss cheese. This is a tropical perennial plant from Central and South American that is normally grown as a houseplant. Swiss cheese plant is very easy to grow, and it loves to climb. If you give it a stake or trellis to grow upward, you'll enjoy larger leaves with those unique holes. If you let him drape, he's a great hanging plant. Levi is an insanely popular houseplant, not only because he's easy to care for, but also he's SO cute, y'all. 

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  • Aida Diaz on

    I received a little pot of levi last week from a little pot? When is it time to transplant?

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