pothos propagation

So the Pothos - truly one of the easiest plant families on the planet to care for - is also super easy to propagate and grow from cuttings if you know how! (and psssst, here's how!)

Step 1: Trim your pothos as desired. If he's getting too leggy, you can trim the long leggy parts. Don't worry, he'll grow more! (tip- Never trim more than 10% of the plant at a time). 

Step 2: Make sure when you cut the pothos, do it with long CLEAN scissors. We wipe our scissors down with alcohol wipes before cutting to avoid any bacteria, etc from entering the cutting.

Step 3: Cut the stem above and below the node. The node is the little nubby at the base of each leaf as shown below. 


pothos node

Step 4: put the node stem in a propagation vessel - We LOVE these propagation stations, but you can use any glass container (clear so you can watch root growth!)

propagation vasepropagation vases

Step 5: Once the roots are 3cm long at least, you can plant them in a loose soil mixture. Don't pack it too tight! We use Fertilome soil in the shop. 


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